Registration, Pricing and Policy

A limited number of 36 places (24+12) is available, first arrived is first served. The first 24 have access to all lab sessions (12 hours), the additional 12 have access only to ≈1/2 labs at a reduced price. The “fewer labs” option is intended for late arrivals as an alternative to waiting until next year, rather than being chosen at will. However, if you have a good reason to go for “fewer labs,” please ask.

Registrations start at the beginning of February. There is no online registration, everything is managed by email, contact us at frequency-time-seminar [at]

Restrictions apply to some Countries, as explained under “Policy,” later in this page.

Prices include classes, labs, visits, learning material, lunches, coffee breaks, events, and social dinner. Travel, accommodation etc. are at your charge.

Rate type Early bird Full rate Applies to
to April 28, 2022 April 29 on
Regular (1) 1350 euro 1450 euro For-profit business
Academic (2) 900 euro 1000 euro Nonprofit: Universities, Gov/Int'l Labs, etc.
Student (3) 500 euro 600 euro Full-time PhD/MS students, retired, hobbyists

(1) Business

This is the regular price for anybody, unless he/she falls in the categories described below.

(2) Academic

Full time employee in a nonprofit enterprise, typically accredited university, gov labs, and international labs. This category includes the post-doctoral fellows, even in the case their statute is defined as “student” by the hosting institution. It is mandatory that email and invoice address refer to the institution.

(3) PhD / MS Students, Retired, and Hobbyists

Full time PhD student in accredited university, or Gov/Int'l Lab. It is mandatory that email and invoice address refer to the institution.

Hobbyists and retired are welcome. Student rate applies but, because these persons do not fall in our priorities, registration and access to labs are subject to availability after others are served. The invoice is not intended for business use.

Several Participants from the Same Company or Lab

A reduced rate of 100 E applies from 2nd to 4th, only for business/academic rate, early bird registration. There is no discounted rate for students, nor after the early-birds deadline. We accept maximum 4 participants per year from the same Company or Lab. Better scheduling 2-3 per year instead of sending 4 at once.

French Companies and OPCO (formerly OPCA)

Si intéressé par le cadre OPCO, nous contacter pour les frais de dossier.

Number of Participants, and "Full Labs" and "Fewer Labs" Options

The number of participants is limited by the capacity of the labs:
• First group, 24 places with full labs (tentatively 12 H)
• Second group, 12 places with reduced labs (tentatively 5-6 H).

The second group is opened when the first is full, on the first-arrived-first-served basis. Should a participant of the same group cancel, another from the 2nd group is upgraded. Should you have a good reason to register in the second group, please contact us and explain.

Local participants / Participants locaux

The following paragraph is written in French because only people in our campus are concerned.
Un petit nombre de personnes des laboratoires publics bisontins est accepté. Le prix réduit inclut cours, repas de midi, visite au musée et repas social. L'accès aux travaux pratiques est possible dans la limite des places disponibles, mais rien n'est garanti. Il pourra être demandé de se prêter à de petites tâches d'organisation dans un esprit d'entre aide entre collègues. Les personnes affiliées aux laboratoires/universités publics bisontins ne peuvent pas être acceptées dans les autres catégories (Academic ou PhD Student).

Country-Based Restrictions

Some people may not be allowed to attend the EFTS, based (i) on their citizenship, (ii) on their Country of residence, or (iii) on the Country where the headquarters of their affiliation are located. Accordingly, applicants may be asked to declare all their citizenships and affiliations. Providing incomplete or incorrect information may result in denial of registration, in cancellation of existing registration, and any other applicable consequence.

Data Stored in our Archive

All your data (names, affiliations, business email, private email, phone number (optional), etc.) are stored in the EFTS archive, accessible to a tiny number of people at the heart of the organization. Actually, only the Chairman and 2-3 coworkers have access, all of them permanent employees of government university or lab.

Data Shared with the European Frequency and Time Forum

We share your name, affiliation and email with the EFTF, let's explain why. The European Frequency and Time Forum is a nonprofit annual conference on the same domain – the difference between a conference and a training seminar should be obvious. The Permanent Secretariat is at the SFMC (nonprofit Company), hosted by the Observatory of Besançon, in the same campus just across the road. We work in tight collaboration, and we share the database of addresses for newsletters, and the burden to maintain it.

Data Shared with Instructors and with other Participants

Getting in touch with new colleagues and friends is an important part of the seminar. For this reason, name, affiliation, email, and phone number (optional) are shared with all participants and instructors of the current year. Nobody is allowed to further share your data without your permission, not even inside one's own university/lab or company.

Private Email and Phone

We encourage you to communicate your private email too, so that we can keep in touch even if you change affiliation. For the same reason, please consider giving your private email also to the new colleagues you met at the EFTS.

Lectures and labs are at SUPMICROTECH, a French Gov university, so virtually all rooms are accessible as ruled by law. Some lab sessions and visits may bring specific, inevitable difficulties. Please inform us, we will do our best.

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